Jim Breuer and the Loud & Rowdy “Be a Dick 2Nite” (OFFICIAL)



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Jim Breuer Preps Debut Heavy Metal Album ‘Songs From the Garage’

BY ROLLING STONE April 6, 2016 Comedian and heavy metal diehard Jim Breuer has released “Be a Dick 2Nite,” the first offering from his upcoming…

Jim Breuer’s The Metal In Me Episode 15-ACDC Auditions

Bob Dylan, Vince Neil, Donnie Docken, David Lee Roth and many others audition to be the next singer for ACDC!  Plus, another round of “Guess…

Jim Breuer’s The Metal In Me Episode 14-The Aftermath

Jim addresses his comments about ACDC from the last podcast. Then Jeff Freidl, drummer for A Perfect Circle, Puscifier, and Eagles of Death Metal, talks…

Jim Breuer’s The Metal In Me Episode 12-The History

Breuer’s guitarist Mike Tichy tells us how he became a musician at an early age after meeting the great Zack Wylde!  Jim insists that they…

Jim Breuer’s The Metal In Me Episode 11- Chris Jericho

Jim and the band tell stories of their wild friend Gene, then Chris Jericho dominates a game of “Band Or Wrestler”! Jim throws out a…

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